6prog breaks links with IOF

After 13 years of freely given effort, it is with great regret that 6prog have stopped providing IOF with an athlete ranking system from 1st January 2014.

IOF Council have made changes to the scheme that removes any statistical basis from the leading rankings. Instead, it will become a list of athletes who have stood on the podium at WOC and World Cup events.

6prog do not wish to be involved with a scheme unless it ranks athletes by their relative performance at all elite events.

Other paid-for services provided by 6prog to IOF also cease from 1st January 2014. This is because IOF did not give 6prog the identical opportunity to tender for replacements for these systems as was given to other suppliers.

The IOF website can be found here.

The original ranking tables will continue on this new website early in January.

Many thanks to all the individuals who have helped maintain the accuracy of the rankings over the years.

Ray Barnes
Director, VIProgrammers Ltd
31st December 2013
As IOF have no immediate means to calculate the quotas for FootO World Cup for 2014,
here is the information following the last event of 2013:
  Federations with quota of 8 men are - SUI, SWE, NOR, FIN, CZE, GBR.
  Federations with quota of 8 women are - SWE, SUI, FIN, NOR, CZE, RUS.
  All other federation/gender combinations have a quota of 6 athletes.

Other information needed by SkiO to complete the 2013-14 season will appear here when it has been calculated.